You need to get an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)


Tax Return Filing Fraud is on the Rise!

An Identity Protection PIN is a six-digit number that adds a layer of security to your income tax filing. Starting in 2021, taxpayers may request an IP PIN before they are victims of identity theft. I recommend doing this as a proactive way to protect yourself from identity theft.

Go online to your account (or set one up). Use the online Get an IP PIN tool.
You will immediately get your IP PIN online.

If you are unable to verify your identity online, you can call to make an appointment for an in-person meeting at a Taxpayer Assistance Center. Bring two identification documents, one must have your picture on it. The nearest Taxpayer Assistance Center is located at 9450 Koger Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702. There telephone number is (844) 545-5640.