1. Alimony Deduction, Auto for Business, or Annuity Investments
  2. Bonus Depreciation, Bunching Deductions
  3. Charity Contributions, Capital Gains/Losses, Childcare Credit
  4. Deductions and Dependents
  5. Education Credits
  6. Filing Status or Flexible Spending Account
  7. Gifts, Gambling Losses
  8. Health Savings Accounts or Home Offices
  9. Installment Sales and IRA Contributions
  10. Like Kind Exchanges
  11. Meals for Business, Medical Expenses, Military Moving
  12. Points, Property Taxes
  13. Qualified Business Deduction
  14. Retirement Contributions
  15. Student Loan Interest, Salaries and Pre-Tax Benefits
  16. Teacher Classroom Expenses, Travel for Business, Taxes
  17. Utilities for Business or Home Office
  18. Vacation Homes
  19. Work Uniforms

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